Trentham School

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Our Programmes


We have created a school based curriculum that meets the needs of our students and prepares them for future learning.

Therefore, we offer the full range of learning areas from the New Zealand curriculum but have a particular focus on Numeracy and Literacy as we believe that competency in these basic fields is essential for our students. 

We incorporate an integrated approach for the learning areas of Science, Social Sciences, the Arts, Health and Technology.  Literacy and Numeracy is interwoven throughout, as are opportunities to develop thinking, inquiry and ICT skills.  Regular PE programmes are also provided.

Throughout teaching and learning programmes students are encouraged to problem solve, take risks, question, express their views, make decisions, persevere and begin to take ownership of their learning.  These skills are necessary for our students to be successful in the future.

Opportunities at Trentham School:

  • Pre School entry – Sunflower Club/class visits
  • Discovery Programme for Year 1 children daily and Year 2 children weekly to provide hands on activities to develop academic, social and physical skills
  • Commitment to the best possible achievement for individual students especially in Literacy and Numeracy
  • School wide Education Outside the Classroom programmes
  • Te Roopu Mahi Toi - Maori cultural group
  • Learning Assistance programmes that target areas of need e.g. Special Needs Programme, English as a Second Language, Reading Recovery, Parent Reading Tutors, Teacher Aide Support, Extra Teacher Support and Behaviour Management Programmes
  • Three Way Goal Setting Conferences and reporting to parents are timetabled twice a year
  • Student leadership is encouraged e.g. Kaiarahi, Peer Mediators, School Patrols, Office Reception, Assemblies
  • Interschool sports tournaments for a large number of sports
  • After school interschool sports provided by parents e.g. Netball, Unihoc, Miniball and Flippaball
  • Gardening Club for selected students
  • Well resourced and maintained learning environment e.g. Library, student Chromebooks, iPads, data projectors in classrooms, Heated Indoor Swimming Pool, Hall, Adventure Playgrounds, sandpits and large attractive grounds.